To: Board of Directors, McKeesport Heritage Center Inc.
From: Jason Togyer, Director
Subject: Meeting with Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation
Date: June 10, 2009

To the Board:

On June 2, Michelle Wardle and I had the pleasure of meeting with Ethan Raup, Manager of Community Revitalization Programs for Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation.

We briefly explained to Mr. Raup the history, mission and current operations of MHC, and further explained that we are interested in facilitating—but not running—some sort of historic preservation effort within the City of McKeesport.

We laid out several conditions:

  1. That MHC not spend any of its own savings or money;
  2. That MHC not be exposed to any unnecessary risk or liability;
  3. That MHC paid staff or volunteers not be diverted from existing cultural and educational activities;
  4. That MHC not be a “funding agency” or required to take ownership of any external property

We further suggested that because the City of McKeesport has an active Housing Corporation and Housing Authority, any preservation efforts should focus on commercial buildings; and that we will proceed only if city officials “buy into” the concept of historic preservation.

Finally, we discussed several commercial buildings that could possible be profitably redeveloped, including the Penn-McKee Hotel, St. Peter’s Church, the Masonic Temple and the People’s Union Bank Building.

Read Memo to MHC Board of Directors, June 10, 2009